An Interfaith Invitation at Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church in Bloomfield Hills

Written by Gail Katz on . Posted in Newsletters

Sunday, October 28

An Interfaith invitation to come to Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church (1340 West Long Lake Rd. in Bloomfield Hills) to hear Dr. Stephen R. Haynes lecture on the Bonhoeffer Legacy at 7:00 PM.  Kirk members and friends have been exploring the life of the remarkable Dietrich Bonhoeffer who, while a committed Christian, voiced a concern for all who were being harmed by the rise of Nazism. In a time that is fraught with hate rhetoric and deeds of violence against faith communities in our own country, as well as across the world, the hope is to gain insights and deepen common concerns as the complexity, the courage, and the faith commitments of Dietrich Bonhoeffer are considered.

This is a free event.  To register go to or call 248-626-2515 ext. 117.

Interfaith prayer service and reception follow lecture.  Come and enjoy fellowship with people of different faith backgrounds!!


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